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If you have not been diving for while we recommend that you take a refresher course and or pay for an instructor or dive master to accompany you on your dives. We have instructors and dive masters available if we have notice. The fee is $75.00 per group up to 4 divers. $10.00 per head after that. Refresher courses are also available; you can jump in the pool in the morning and dive in the afternoon. Or jump in the pool in the evening and dive in the morning.

Effective immediately, aboard the Diversity we now have a 14 inch minimum size limit on Hogfish. We know that the state limit is 12 inches but, because of needless slaughter of these fish that are smaller than 12 inches that have been found floating at the surface with holes in them, we are setting the boat limit our 14 inches or larger. The state will not act so we will. We either set a limit or ban spear fishing completely aboard The Diversity. We prefer not to ban spear fishing because it’s a great way to get dinner. If it were up to me before you buy a spear gun you would have to take a class before you actually go in the water with it to hunt. If you hunt on land in the state of Florida you have to take a class why can’t a class be given for spear fishing? So far all the spear fishermen who dive on the diversity have no problem with this. A complaint I heard about the state raising the size limit of hogfish is that there are no large fish to hunt. I wonder why? If all the small hogfish can’t grow up to be large adults? I can remember as a kid, diving in the ’60s and ’70s and ’80s seeing schools of hogfish swimming down the reef. You don’t see that anymore. It’s a shame! And also through the grapevine we found that a lot of the spearfishing guys are selling these hogfish under the table. We have notified Florida fish and wildlife in Tallahassee and they are looking into this matter. I would like my grandchildren to be able to see the beauty and wildlife on the reefs as I did. OK, OK I will get off my soapbox now.

Sea Ya Soon,

Captain Tony, Karen, Shari, Monica, Kirsten and Pavel.