The Friendly Staff of The Diversity!

Captain Tony Coulter was raised in Southeast Florida. Spending most of his youth plying the open seas, he is familiar with most of the reefs and wrecks in the area. As well as the well known dive spots, Capt Tony has a few of his own secret spots that he is always willing to take adventurous divers to.

As a licensed Coast Guard Captain as well as a PADI instructor for the past 35 years, and also a NAUI instructor, Captain Tony has maintained a standing reputation in the diving industry as a safe and friendly operator.

Divemaster Karen Orsak has been working with Capt Tony for the past 30 years and some of her charm has even rubbed off on him. Karen has been diving for 35 years and has been working as an underwater tour guide for almost as long.

Her favorite pastime is guiding divers along the pristine reefs of Delray Beach through Ft Lauderdale. She is forever in search of that record size lobster and more beautiful shells for her collection (she only takes empty shells, as she is an avid environmentalist!). Karen is also PADI Medic First Aid and DAN O2 certified, as is all the crew aboard the Diversity.

Instructor/Divemaster Shari Tellman has been with us for about 14 years and is our main Padi Instructor. Shari is an ardent environmentalist. Shari is also has a biology degree so she can get really “ hands on “ in helping the ocean here in Florida. Shari has been an Instructor for 13 years and is also O2 certified by DAN and is Medic First Aid Qualified.

Divemaster Kirsten Gash has also been with us for about 13 years and is a great underwater photographer as well as a card carrying divemaster. Kirsten loves to take people on guided tours and take their pictures. Kirsten is O2 certified as well as Padi Medic First aid Qualified. Checkout our photos page and you’ll see some her work.

Captain/Instructor/Divemaster Monica Shandel has been with us around 4 years and is our backup captain as well as one of our instructors!

Divemaster Pavel Kertzhner has been with us about a year now as a backup crew and tour guide.

Our new crew are DM Emily Voissem and NAUI Instructor Alexis Mederos will be here working the boat as well as guiding and teaching scuba with us.